About Us


In today’s mobile society it is not uncommon for many families to find themselves having to settle into a new area. It can be an uphill struggle trying to sort out a new life, especially when you are unfamiliar with the country or the language. One of the hardest aspects can be establishing contact with other people.

“Newcomers” was born when women, who had themselves experienced the challenges of long-distance moves, decided to help each other. Today newcomers is a worldwide organization, with clubs all over the world. Belonging to Newcomers means immediate contact with other people who can empathize with the challenges of those first few months. At Newcomers, you will find a warm welcome and a wealth of knowledge to help you find your feet, as well as many different ways to enjoy yourself in your new community!

For further information on the Toronto Newcomers Club, please contact Membership.


Walk & Explore

Join us as we walk through different parts of Toronto discovering new parts of the city, chatting and having fun along the way.

Neighbourhood Tours

Together we explore  Toronto and learn about the history of this fascinating city we now all call home.

Killer Heels

This evening event offers an opportunity to experience some unusual and charming restaurants around Toronto.